Oil Injected Electric Skid / Tank Mounted Screw Compressors:

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KPCL Oil Injected Electric Skid / Tank Mounted Screw Compressors are the results of technical expertise and experience of over five decades in design, manufacturing, supply & installation of air & gas compressors of various designs, capacities & pressures for varieties of applications. We manufacture these compressors in Skid Mounted Category with named KES 15 to KES 55 (R2 - R3 range) & KES 55 to KES 160 (R4 - R5 range) & in Tank Mounted category with named as KES 7 to KES 11, with the pressure ranging from 7.5 kg/cm²g to 13 kg/cm²g & capacity from 1.87 m³/min to 31.15 m³/min.

Salient Features:

  • Ready to use: No foundation is required.
  • Quality Air: Efficient air / oil separation system ensures maximum oil recovery to minimise lub oil consumption and maintenance cost.
  • Canopy: Specially designed silent canopy to facilitate effective ventilation and ease of maintenance.
  • Controller: Microprocessor based efficient controller with necessary safety control systems and maintenance schedule.
  • Cooling System: Radiator type aluminum combi cooler with low noise fan & motor provided for effective cooling of lub oil and compessed air.
  • Control Panel: In built control panel housing MMI, µ controller, main motor auto star - delta starter, fan motor direct on-line starter & other control of the package.
  • Air suction filter: Dry type air filter protects the air end and ensures long life.
  • Electric Motor: Highly efficient, TEFC, Class F insulation, Foot cum Flange mounting, 4/2P, EFFI, IP55 protection motor is selected considering operating conditions at site.
  • Service Centres: Fully equipped Service Centres with trained engineers and spare parts stocks available across the country.